Exclusive Interview with Jordy Lucas

Jordy Lucas – Exclusive Interview!

Jordy Lucas
Jordy Lucas

We have had the absolute pleasure of working with the lovely Jordy Lucas on her new blog “I Support the Sisterhood” over the past year & we thought we would ask her some questions and get to know her a bit better & we couldnt wait to share her answers with you guys 🙂

Jordy played Summer Hoyland in the famous Aussie soap, Neighbours from 2009-2013.

You can check out her blog >>here<< which is described as a “sisterhood for sisters

Jordy Lucas

We asked Jordy when she first became interested in fashion?

“I remember becoming interested in fashion as a teenager. It was when I started to care more about my appearance I guess, as all teenage girls do! I became more interested in popular fashion and trends.”

Could you describe your role in your business “the Sisterhood” ?

“I founded and run I Support the Sisterhood on my own. It’s a passion project of mine which I love having full control over! It means I can work at my own pace but also produce content that I feel is interesting and relevant to my audience.”

Where does most of you inspiration come from?

“I was inspired to start The Sisterhood when I was living in Los Angeles. I had been lonely and struggling to find a good group of girlfriends for a long time. Then I found a group of girls who were not only super talented, but also all celebrated each other instead of trying to drag each other down because of jealousy or what not. When I moved back to Melbourne, I stayed in touch with these girls, but also reconnected with girlfriends here that run their own businesses or do amazing things. So I started off just writing about these friends and it grew from there! I truly believe that as women, we need to band together and support one another.”

LA helped to inspire Jordy

Who are the people that inspire you the most?

“My Mum is my greatest source of inspiration. I love who she is. She’s strong willed and has taught me that anything is possible. She’s also the most caring, loving person I know. I’m also inspired by anyone who chases their dreams.”

What have been the top memorable moments or turning points in your career?

“My most memorable moment was when I got the call to say I’d been cast in Neighbours. I had auditioned for the show about 5 times before so it was a huge moment for me! I had worked so hard and felt like it had all paid off. I learned the importance of hard work and determination!”

Jordy Lucas as Summer Hoyland in Neighbours
Jordy Lucas as Summer Hoyland in Neighbours

What is your favourite feature from your site?

“I think my favourite post would be the feature on the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. I had some amazing head pieces sent to me from a gorgeous milliner and wore clothing from my favourite label, Tigermist. It was the first real fashion feature of the site.”

Jordy Lucas
Jordy at the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival 

Describe your personal style?

“I think I have a very feminine style. I’m quite petite but also have curves so tighter, more tailored pieces flatter my body most. I love wearing cute dresses and skirts with a nice heel to make me look taller!!”

Where do you see your brand in the future?

“I’m hoping that The Sisterhood becomes a popular destination for finding a female run business. Girls will be able to find whatever it is they are looking for. It might be a jeweller, a fashion designer or interior decorator. I also want to create a cheaper marketing and advertising alternative for smaller/start up businesses.”

 And thats all for now, hope you enjoyed this xxxx

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