The Warm Winter Edit at Spoiled Brat

Our Warm Winter Style Edit – Keeping you Warm & Stylish

Winter is our favourite season – not the rain, but the cold! Today for example it was -2 but the sun was shining and it was simply beautiful. January can be difficult, with the xmas and new year hangover, cold days and dark nights, its easy to get down. However we need to be positive! A lot of countries around the world with warmer climates would love to experience our winter season every year, including the winter chill, but also fashions most loved trend: Layers! Some countries have never even seen snow & we do see plenty of this!

We have pulled together some of our best bits, knitwear, winter wear and accessories to keep you warm, yet stylish. One of our best tips is wear colour – brighten up your day and your look with plenty of colour, and stand out against the often bleak weather and days. Avoid dull colours, as they can often turn your mood down too.

We love our UNIF knitwear collection, plenty of colour, rainbow palettes and bright happy thoughts!

Amelia Jane London too make the cutest faux fur pom pom beanies and matching scarfs, great for layering, which look amazing when worn with black – why not try the fuschia pink scarf and beanie with a knitted black dress?

Have fun – experiment and most importantly STAY WARM!

Winter Style Edit



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