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Spoiled Brat on Depop
Spoiled Brat on Depop

Spoiled Brat have opened up a new Depop Store

There’s a new shopping app in town, called Depop and Spoiled Brat have opened up a new store.

While eBay is trying to get more social and local, Pinterest is deepening its position in e-commerce, a new mobile app from London has built a platform which combines all of those experiences together natively.

Depop, a mobile app for iOS and Android that combines Instagram-style social networking with part eBay style marketplace.

Since launching in the UK in 2013 , Depop has seen 1.8 million downloads of its app, and while it has yet to disclose metrics like gross merchandise value or overall revenues, CEO Runar Reistrup says that individual posters in the UK — who pay no listing fee but give Depop a 10% cut of sales — have sold “thousands of items” and made “tens of thousands of pounds” in the process. There are millions of items on offer on a given day.

As a virtual flea market, Depop is very easy to use: as a seller, you basically take a picture and upload it in a very few steps to your “shop.” As a buyer you can either search for items by keyword or by browsing lists from other people you follow, responding to things people have tagged for you to look at, or follow Depop’s recommendations for you made by its in-house curators.

What makes Depop interesting as a marketplace, however, is its strong second life as a social networking community. Reistrup says people are almost as likely to come just to look and comment on things and converse with each other as they are to buy. In other words, people may come for eBay-style marketplace, but they stay for the Instagram-style experience, with many people checking in up to 8 times a day.

We look less like an e-commerce site, and much more like a social media platform,” Reistrup says.

He says that many come just to hang out and chat with each other, and there have even been instances of “Depop dates” coming out of the app. Indeed, Depop is also eye-catching because of the demographics it targets.

Right now it has “almost a 50-50 split” between men and women using the site, the CEO says, and its audience is primarily in the coveted 18-36 age bracket. Given Pinterest’s push to make itself more “man-friendly” and eBay’s fusty reputation as a legacy marketplace whose users skew to older age brackets, Depop’s more youthful, gender-neutral positioning is notable.

Spoiled Brat, will be uploading loads of items onto our Depop store and at the moment we have hundreds of items on there. These items, are a selection of our old products, ranging from press samples, samples used for photo shoots, and some customer returns.

So grab a bargain – grab some famous old styles – grab some spoiled brat in our Depop store now.



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