Ashley James says keep your Christmas Fur Free!


Ashley James says go Fur Free this Christmas

Made in Chelsea star, Ashley James reminded the London christmas shopping crowd that there’s nothing fashionable about wearing animals’ skin. Dressed up as Santa’s helper, Ashley brought some holiday cheer to Carnaby Street while highlighting the Peta campaign, showing how every coat, collar and cuff made of animal fur has caused immense animal suffering

Discussing the campaign, Ashley said :

Whilst I like to enjoy some of life’s luxuries, there is nothing luxurious about the way animals in the fur industry are treated. Knowing how cruel the industry is, I cannot understand why people buy fur – especially as it’s so easy to stay warm with fur-free styles. I’m proud to join PETA in asking people to stay on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list by keeping fur off their Christmas lists.”

Did you know that more than 85% of the fur sold today comes from facilities where minks, foxes and other animals are locked up for their entire lives before being killed for their skins. Countless investigations into fur farms across many fur-producing countries have documented the atrocities ; including animals with eye infections, sores on their feet from filthy wire cages, missing limbs and festering, untreated open wounds (some so deep that their brains are visible); babies kept in cages with the rotting corpses of their mothers; and animals who exhibit neurotic behaviour as a result of psychological damage.

We say faux fur is much better! The only way for us is faux & we have signed the fur free pledge.

Faux fur looks amazing, feels amazing and is 100% cruelty free.


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