Glitter Roots – The New Hair Craze!

Glitter Roots

Glitter Roots have Broken the Internet!

Ok so slight exaggeration however they have caught the attention of almost everybody & we LOVE it!

Usually when someone sprays glitter in their hair, they’re attempting to a. relive the 90’s or  dressing up for halloween! But since the ‘My Little Pony’ hair trend did so well in celeb-land and everywhere else; normal hair is so, like, last season. Everywhere you look we see pink, blue, purple and even rainbow coloured hair! (if only we could be so brave)

And in steps the glitter! One of our fav things in the world! We used to LOVE that mac body glitter!! So we must ask why did no one think of this before? We’ve been so busy spending money trying to cover up those pesky roots, that we never even thought of throwing some of our favourite glitter on them!

And now these are BIG – glitter roots are the new way to add a little disco vibe to your hair this Christmas. Celebrities including Miley Cyrus and Lucy Hale have praised the trend (no surprises there really 🙂 )

Miley Cyrus Glitter Hair Roots
Miley shows off her Glitter Roots

The quirky trend has been paired hundreds of times with a cutesy space bun look or pigtails, and despite the messiness, is increasing in popularity. Use a small brush to paint on the glitter – up the sparkle even further by using your fingertips to slowly sprinkle on more glitter in places that feel a little sparse, or add decorative stars or sparkly hearts. Some have even experimented with the sparkles as an addition to heavily dyed rainbow or pastel hair colours, transforming their locks into a glittering multicoloured creation.  Others have opted to use the glitter as a subtle addition to their look on a night out, sprinkling a light dusting of sparkles onto the tips of their roots or a touch in their eye brows instead.

Do you like this trend? Will you be partaking this party season?

We have some fab silver glitter, to give your hair a subtle sparkle!!

Natural Products Temporary Hair Glitter for Party Season £4.00
Natural Products Temporary Hair Glitter for Party Season

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