Lulutrixabelle wears UNIF from Spoiled Brat

lulutrixabelle-unif-rainbow-cardigan. lulutrixabelle-unif-rainbow-cardigan lulutrixabelle-unif-rainbow-cardigan lulutrixabelle-unif-rainbow-cardigan

Lulutrixabelle is totally rainbow-tastic wearing UNIF from Spoiled Brat

We are seriously lusting after Lulutrixabelle right now! Her fashion blog, is just amazing! So colourful and so happy, just what we needed to brighten our rather dull and rainy day!!

In her latest post, lulutrixabelle features our UNIF maxi cardigan. We absolutely LOVE how she has styled this and photographed this against this purple and blue house (which we want to live in!)

She wears a minkpink blue suede mini skirt, and a lovely purple turtle neck singlet teamed with some fab Dr Martens and our UNIF rainbow striped maxi cardigan. How fab does this look ?

This cardigan features a 3/4 length and short sleeves and has rainbow coloured panels and some fluffy bits too! Its mega cute and fun, like all of UNIF and you can dress it up or down. Its also a non seasonal item, meaning you can wear it all year round and style it up how you wish. It is guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of days with its rainbow-brite colours. Lulutrixabelle wore this very cardi 2 weeks ago paired with some skinny jeans and it looked just as fab!

Want to be someones’ end of rainbow too? Shop this UNIF cardigan right here >>

UNIF Celeste Rainbow Knit Midi Cardigan Now £84.00
UNIF Celeste Rainbow Knit Midi Cardigan
Now £84.00


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