Get To Know “Spoiled Brat”

We thought we would tell you a bit more about us – and how we go started.

In 2004, the website idea was born. It was founded by Susan, who has just finished university (after studying teacher training) – and then fell pregnant. So she decided, that she didnt want to be away from her new baby & be with her at all.

Susan, started wanting to find unique and different clothes for her baby. And then started buying in wholesale from various companies and reselling on eBay. We then saw a gap in the market for a website – which was a to go place, for fashion for everyone – from babies through to mums and dads.

The website since then has grown and grown. We have achieved and learnt as we have went along.

We have made mistakes – and many of them – after all we are humans. But we learn from them & they help us improve on our business.

Our website has undergone lots of makeover, improvements and advancements as time has gone on.

We hope you guys have enjoyed the journey as much as we have! And are looking forward to our new journey into the future. We have lots happening and lots in the pipelines, we cant wait for you all to see.

Our Timeline


Some Q+A’s with the founder, Susan


Q: What three words would you use to describe Spoiled Brat? 

A: Fun, quirky & unique

Q: Best thing you’ve learnt along the way?

A: So much! The fashion industry is so fast paced, and ever changing. Its hard to keep up sometimes. However we have always tried to keep our products unique, and different to what other retailers offer. Being different is good – and we know our customers come to us, looking for something a little different.

Q: What makes a good team? 

A:We are a family run company. We work well together, as we have respect for one and other. We can also tell each other if there is a problem & get things resolved. we all share the same goals and passions, and we all have different strengths and weaknesses, which all combined works well.

Q: Proudest Spoiled Brat moment? 

A: When we were nominated by Scottish Fashion Awards in 2011 for Scottish Retailer of the Year. To be recognised by such an establishment, in our own country was truly an honour.

Q: If you weren’t working in fashion, what would you be doing? 

A: I went to Uni and studied History & Politics (yes really!) , and then went onto do secondary school teaching – so I would probably be doing that. But fashion and running my own business is really my passion.

Q: Why Spoiled Brat? 

A: When we were trying to pick a name, we looked at what we wanted the website to be & represent. We wanted to do celeb style, and looked at celebs like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears etc. The point of the website – was for fashion – fashion which was different, unique, and hard to come by. So thus came the name, Spoiled Brat – and our slogan “who says you cant have it all”

Its a catchy name, which stands out – and one that you wont forget.

Q: Best way to start the day?

A: Check my emails, check Daily Mail celeb news, then get my girls out of bed & fed! So glamourous!

Q: How do you ensure you keep ahead of the game?

A: We are always trying to evolve, and move with the times. We work with top bloggers, and also with a lot of celebrities. We also watch a lot of reality TV – we love it, but also love to see whats in fashion, and what they are all wearing. We read a lot of celeb magazines, are constantly on social media and also love to listen to customers feedback (good and bad!) on how we can make improvements.


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