The Style Rawr wears AKA from Spoiled Brat – To The MAXI !!!

The Style Rawr in AKA
The Style Rawr in AKA

The Style Rawr in AKA The Style Rawr in AKA The Style Rawr in AKA The Style Rawr in AKA

Jade from The Style Rawr totally works our new AKA Maxi Dress! She looks amazing! We love how she has styled this amazing dress!

Personally we hate wearing maxi dresses without bras’ & Jade has just solved the problem for us, by wearing a cute tank underneath – why did we never think of this?! So simple, yet so effective (and slightly dangerous as it now means more dresses for us!)

Shop the dress here

AKA - Also Known As Rosa Maxi Spaghetti Straps Dress
AKA – Also Known As Rosa Maxi Spaghetti Straps Dress Β£65

And over to Jade >>

AKA, or Also Known As hails from ooop North (or Winterfell as I like to call it these days) just like me, Manchester to be exact. They specialise in digital printing which I’m a big fan of, so I couldn’t wait to get my paws on the AKA Rosa Maxi Dress (Β£65) from Spoiled Brat!

So, oh my Pattz it’s just PERF! Maxi dresses don’t often agree with me. I’m a tad top heavy so they just tend to extend the sticky out bits and make me look big all over. Buuuuuut, the side splits in this one really break the shape up to let my little legs poke through which makes me feel yummy rather than frumpy! It even has an above the knee dress lining so you don’t have to worry about finding suitable shapewear. I knew there would be zero stretch in the chiffon crepe fabric so I ordered a size 14 (I’m usually a 12) and it fits like a dream – hurrah!

The back is really pretty. It’s supposed to drape but as per I’m busting out at the front so the stretch doesn’t really allow the material to fall properly *tuts at self* but I’m happy with it like this anyway. The back is just a cute bonus to a simply gorgeous dress!

Here I am layering up my Wildfox necklaces for a bit of a luxe grunge look. Isn’t the grey/lilac pattern on the dress unusual? It looks like an x-ray of a pansy which is then popped into a kaleidoscope?!

I followed through on the girly grunge feel and the lilac in the dress with my blueberry Dr Martens. These bad boys always bring all the boys to the yard. And by ‘boys’ I mean ‘admiring chicks with DM obsessions and a penchant for My Little Pony colours’ πŸ˜‰

I just loved wearing this outfit and I can’t wait to get a chance to rock it again to be honest. I’m actually cursing the sun that is predicted for this weekend because I want to wear it so badly! Lets all do a rain dance! *ducks* πŸ˜‰

Check out this dress and more from AKA pieces at Spoiled Brat, it’s all kinds of awesome.

J – To the Maxi!


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