60 Seconds with Jennifer AKA Glasgow Fashion Girl

Jennifer - aka Glasgow Fashon Girl
Jennifer – aka Glasgow Fashon Girl

We got the change to interview, the lovely Jennifer from “Glasgow Fashion Girl” blog this weekend – ask her some questions on how her blog started, what inspires her and other nosey questions!

For those of you who dont know, Jennifer lives in Glasgow (although we kind of suspect the title of her blog gives that away)

Jennifer has been blogging since January 2013 and describes herself as

“Glasgow girl with a love for all things fashion related new and vintage. I am a sucker for bright, garish, sparkly, glittery things and I spend too much money and time on fashion”

Jennifer did a fabulous Valentines Day blog for us this year – read it here

And read Jennifers “Glasgow Fashion Girl” blog here

and over to Jennifer >>

“I started Glasgowfashiongirl in June 2013. Fashion has been a love of mine since a very young age. For as far back as I remember I have spent almost every weekend shopping with my mum. Along with fashion, I love writing and taking photographs, so blogging was the ideal way to combine all my favourite things. I also thought blogging would be a good way of challenging myself to make more of an effort with my style. Although I love clothes I thought I had become quite lazy in the way I dressed, always sticking to the same boring clothes, when my wardrobe was bursting full of new items. Blogging has definately led to me being more experimental in my style and has also led me to shop more…. thats not a bad thing though 🙂

Style Icon – As cliched as it sounds Carrie Bradshaw is a huge style icon of mine thanks to the amazing stylist Patricia Field. I can remember watching Sex and the City when it started and falling in love with Carrie’s crazy, mis-matched style. She never conformed to the fashion rules and I loved that! This is definately something I adhere to with my own style. As far as I am concerned there are no fashion rules, if you like it then wear it.

Carrie Bradshaw
Carrie Bradshaw

Patrica Field in my eyes is a genuis for creating the characters style. She has definately encouraged me to be braver in my fashion choices and only now, at the age of 32, (SB interuppting : there is no way Jennifer with that baby face is 32!!!) have I started to feel comfortable in the way I look and dress. I like to dress bright and I am totally inspired by the style of the 80s. The brighter the better. I love anything furry, fluffy and covered in sequins. I am also a huge fan of the stylist Rachel Zoe. I love her vintage, boho style and her large collection of Chanel and vintage dresses.

“there are no fashion rules, if you like it then wear it.”

With my blog my biggest achivement is actually having people reading and commenting on it. It means so much to me that people take the time to read it and are actually interested in what I have to say. I also love that I have been invited to blog events and have had the chance to meet so many lovely people that I now consider friends.

At present I work for a mental health charity writing and editing their national newsletter for supported individuals. I like to think of myself as the Anna Wintour of my work haha! I have no fashion background at all except being an expert shopper. My dream job would be a personal shopper or a wadrobe organiser – I have slight OCD when it comes to my wardrobe layout.

I don’t see myself giving up blogging anytime soon. Although I dont blog as often as I would like too it is something I really enjoy doing. I dont think I will ever tire of writing about fashion. It took my a while to be brave enough to post proper outfit posts but I really hope this is something I can continue to do in the future. I didn’t realise how many Scottish based bloggers there were until I started my own blog. I would really like to think that with the Scottish blogging community growing so much that big companies will take notice and start to hold events in Scotland and realise how fashionable Scottish people are. You only need to spend a few hours in Glasgow city centre to see how amazing Scottish people dress. I definitely take inspiration from street style and fellow bloggers. The fashion talent in Scotland is crazy amazing!”

Your so right Jennifer, there is so much talent here in Glasgow and Scotland - so many fashionable people and such a buzzing blogger 
community - its so inspiring and exciting.
Thanks so much for taking time to speak to us xxxxx



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