Check out the checks…Secret Little Stars for Spoiled Brat


Secret Little Stars Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-9-682x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-10-682x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-12-682x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-14-682x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-16-e1392929029818-1024x917 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-24-e1392929196640-752x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-31-682x1024 Monochrome-Check-shirt-Secret-little-Stars-Maggie-Angus


The gorgeous Tatyana, from Secret Little Stars blogged again for us this month. We are so impressed by the amazing locations she finds to shoot (in Glasgow!) and love how she pulls an outfit together. She has serious style cred!

She picked our Lavish Alice blouse teamed with Maggie Angus statement ring.

Here is her post >>

“Check… Check… Check…
I adore my new monochrome crop check Lavish Alice shirt from Spoiled Brat… It’s probably the best monochrome piece I’ve seen yet, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and and show you how it can be worn during the winter without freezing to death with the shirt’s gorgeous open cut back… Worn over a black tight polo neck and with my ripped knees’ skinnies and chunky ankle boots is one way – there are so many more and can’t wait to show you…

I didn’t want to go too crazy with the monochrome (ahem..), i.e. wear my white shoes and paint my nails black and white, but I really wanted to wear the shirt with my also very new striped statement ring by Maggie Angus, again from amazing Spoiled Brat online store… The two are a match made in monochrome heaven for me, but then I remembered I had this check purse from Missguided, so I added that in to the monochrome mix and then, we ended up in this place with the check pavement – totally unintentional, promise!

Have a great weekend everyone! xxx”

Shop the look here >>

Lavish Alice White & Black Grid Print Wrap Back Shirt
Lavish Alice White & Black Grid Print Wrap Back Shirt £28.00
Maggie Angus Jewellery Monochrome Acrylic Striped Statement Ring
Maggie Angus Jewellery Monochrome Acrylic Striped Statement Ring £15



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