60 Seconds with Tatyana from Secret Little Stars

Tatyana - Secret Little Stars
Tatyana – Secret Little Stars
Secret Little Stars
Secret Little Stars

We have been working with Tatyana from Secret Little Stars, quite a bit over past few months – and will be again.

We were struck, by her amazing style on her blog. Love her look and how she throws an outfit together.

Check out her blog here >>

Tatyana is a Glasgow based blogger. She always seems to find beautiful locations for her pictures! We didnt realise how many stunning backdrops we have here!

In her own words :“My secret is simple – I believe there is a little secret star in every one of us and that those little stars connect when we follow something that makes us happy, when we are surrounded by our loved ones, or when we see things that we simply love! How many times have you noticed yourself staring with total admiration at a pair of stunning “must have” shoes which your friend next to you never even noticed on a girl walking by you? This is what Secret little Stars is about – about connecting those people, who share similar passion and excitement for all things Trendy, Stylish, Quirky, Creative and Interesting, as well as Healthy living tips and love for Nature and Culture.”

“there is a little secret star in every one of us”

So we had 60 seconds with Tatyana to find out a bit more about the girl behind the blog - and here's her answers!

When did you begin your blog?

“I began blogging in July 2013 which only makes it 8 short but very amazing months!”

How would you describe your blog to those who haven’t seen it?

“I mainly started my blog because I wanted to encourage mums and future mums to remain stylish, trendy and not to fall into the trap of wearing mumsy comfy clothes every day that most mums end up doing, just becausue they think they have to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my uggs and trainers too, but heels and trendy clothes that bloggers and celebrities wear and we see in the media doesn’t necessarily mean that they are made for them only! The key is to remain yourself, incorporating trendy key pieces, mixing them with old favourite things you already have and feeling comfortable, yet looking great all the time, whatever your favourite pieces may be.”

 Tell us about your personal style.

2As I try and mix my favourite classic pieces with the trendy fads, my style changes and evolves all the time, but you will always see a mix of street style (comfy) as well as my regular classic feminine chic looks, because I love a nice dress, high heels and adore bodycons.”

What are your fashion must-haves?

1. High waisted bodycon skirt / dress – they go with everything – trainers, heels, converse shoes, slouchy jumpers, tight fitting tops, coats, bombers – you name it.

2. A pair of black or nude stilettos! Every girl must have a pair of classic pointy toe stilettos. Again, stilettos can be comfortable and my favourite are by Vince Camuto and Carvela, which are super comfortable and go with everything – skinnies, flares, skirts, mini or maxi dresses and so on…

3. Statement clutch is a must have! Whatever you are wearing on whatever occasion, a bright and eye-catching clutch bag will make you feel like a million dollars instantly. It’s like you are holding all your life’s treasures (lippy, phone, perfume, sunglasses etc) in one little beautiful bag very close to heart, so it needs to be a nice one!

What do you think is required for a blog to be successful?

“Constant work! And by that, I mean hours of research, socialising with other bloggers online, promoting your own blog on social media as often as you can, connecting with brands and choosing the right outfits for your posts, which should also be strategically thought out in advance! I knew I was going to be serious about it when I started my blog and from the moment I build the site I’ve never taken a day off from my blog – even on holidays. Consistency with the outfit posts several times a week is what I believe makes a blogger more successful as it shows their passion for what they do and if they do it well by posting great looks with great imagery, then I believe their audience will grow as there are always people and brands who will identify with their style and this means success.”

Can you tell us a bit about the girl behind the blog?

“The girl behind the blog is one lucky girl, who has the most amazing daughter and partner who support me in everything she does and this blog would probably not exist without them. I work in Marketing as a Freelancer and love what I do, but I also have a few other other ambitions I am working on in my “spare” time, which are a secret just now – I like the word “secret”… 😉 Blog name!”

Any fashion icons?
I adore Mira Duma – she’s the most stylish woman on earth for me! Just google her and try to find one bad look – you won’t! Her style is always classic, slightly 60s and super elegant!, which is so inspiring!

Mira Duma
Mira Duma

What are your favourite trends this season?
“Love pastels, monochrome and plaid! Probably the main 3 this season, although I adore distressed ripped denims and leather legs too!”

What are your 3 must have items on the Spoiled Brat website?

“1. Rock and Royalty Couture biker jacket – I had my eye on this for ages and now a proud owner of one and it’s the best biker I’ve had! The shoulders are my favourite!

2. My new Monochrome crop Lavish Alice check shirt – it’s so unique and eye-catching and it’s a bargain too!

3. Mr Gugu & Miss Go baroque floral print dress – I love it as it looks like a two piece and it also looks so comfortable & its very on trend floral print.”

Tatyana in our Lavish Alice Monochrome Blouse
Tatyana in our Lavish Alice Monochrome Blouse
Tatyana in our Rock & Royalty Couture Biker
Tatyana in our Rock & Royalty Couture Biker


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Mr Gugu & Miss Go Baroque Flowers Print Jersey Dress

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