60 Seconds with Spoiled Brat – Featured on The Style Card Blog

spoiled brat evening times

“You will always find something different at Spoiled Brat.”


The Style Card interviewed, Susan last week and have published this today & we thought we would share it with you guys!

“We take sixty seconds with Susan Irwin, from StyleCard partner Spoiled Brat, to find out about what inspires her label and vision.”

How, why and when did you start your label?
“We started trading in 2005. I was pregnant with my first child. I had just finished univeristy (studying History & Politics, then teaching) and decided I wanted to work so I could also spend maximum time with my baby. I set up an eBay store, selling kids clothes—as I had developed an interest in kids clothing, through being pregnant. I wanted to find quirky, different clothes, since I didn’t want my baby looking like everyone else! I have always liked to be different, unique! It then spiraled after this and my sister came on board with me and we set up our own website, which then developed into ladies wear then menswear.

What inspires your label?
“Tinkerbell! She was the original inspiration. Being unique, different, quirky and rebellious!”

Who is your ideal client?
Girly girls, who like sparkle, glitter and pink mixed with a bit of attitude.”

Celebrity inspiration?
We love Katie Price, she is an inspiration. She doesn’t care what people think, she wears what she wants when she wants. She doesn’t follow trends and that’s exactly how we are—be yourself!”

Katie Price visiting Spoiled Brat in 2012
Katie Price visiting Spoiled Brat in 2012

What’s your design signature?
“Quirky brands! You will always find something different at Spoiled Brat.”

Describe your label in three words.
“Unique, Quirky, Sassy”

“Name one thing that you love about the fashion industry.”
“Meeting likeminded people!”

Where do you see the development of your label ten years down the line?
“We are developing a stand-alone kids website and a stand-alone men’s site and want to continue to expand our brand portfolio.”

If you could bring back and re-live one era which one would it be and why?
“The ‘80’s—I love Madonna’s style, tutus, roller skates, and Kylie! But I also love the ‘60s, flower power, flares and boho! I’m a Gemini, so therefore a walking contradiction.”

A fellow designer/label/brand you admire and why?
“Our friends inspire us—Mandy from Rock & Royalty Couture, Polly from Cake-Cetera, Julia from Jum Hair Extensions and Cheryl from Cheryl’s Closet. We are also inspired by what independent retailers (like us) can achieve with hard work, determination and working and supporting each other.”

Read the full interview on Style Card here >>


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