Designer Interview with CAKO

CAKO was founded by Richardson & Squibb in 2012, who noticed that there was a gap in the market for a innovative fashion label that all ages could wear from children to adult. Being fashion distributors for Giorgio & Mario Cuirs Fourrures Mario, Miss Bikini, Ayo and Shruggs London this gave them an insight to what the customers really wanted out of an exclusive brand.

CAKO’s magic colour changing design tops, crystallised t-shirts and sweaters covers all aspects of fun and versatile fashion.

Cara Delevingne in Cako
Cara Delevingne in Cako

Watch the video and see how the CAKO madness unfolds as the T-shirt comes alive, all you need is a ray of sunshine and you will see the print burst into different colours before your eyes.

Cako Video

 We have been stocking CAKO since last year – and we love these t-shirts! Quirky and different, right up our street!

So this weekend , we met up with Natasha, one half of the duo behind the exciting new brand, and asked her some questions about the brand, so we could share with you guys and let you know more about the fab brand!


The Cako Team
The Cako Team

When did you get into fashion?

“From a very young age we have always been addicted to fashion and following the latest trends across the global.”

Could you describe the role that you play in the company?

Both of us have two different roles, which come together extremely well without treading on each others toes. One being more structured with the laptop attached to her side and the other creating ideas.

Where does most of you inspiration come from?

“oddly enough from our hotel room in Paris. “

Who are the people that inspire you the most?

“People who believe in themselves and don’t take life for granted. Our biggest inspiration is Coco Channel as she was a fighter and believed in herself, no matter how people pulled her down, she always got herself back up and conquered the world.”

Top memorable moments together or turning points in your line?

“When we travel we share the best times and meet various people from all walks of life, these create life long memories which we share together. Our most memorable momens are: Cako being born, our CAKO & CAKO Kids press launch at the Sanctum Soho Hotel and to date our recent trip to Paris opening many doors which we are very excited about for SS14. Seeing our brand and hearing others talking about our collection was the greatest gift”.

What are your favourite pieces from each collection?

“Very difficult to choose as we have put so much time and effort into the designing to make the collection exclusive! But if we had to choose one piece Nicola would choose the black and silver cross bone and Natasha the roar tiger.”

Cako Womens Bejewled Gold Tiger Deep V-Neck T-Shirt £56.00
Cako Womens Bejewled Gold Tiger Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

Describe your personal style?

“It varies from rock chick to trendy casual”

Where do you see your brand in the future?

“Worldwide :)”


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