Cake Cetera – Interview!

We have so many amazing friends, who are so talented! We wanted to share their brands with you guys!

Its so inspiring, to see what people can achieve and have achieved in life.

We believe its great to support local companies – local businesses, who dont have the financial backing of big corporate firms.

Its a struggle for small businesses – we are a small family run company and its hard to compete with the corporate firms, who have all the money in the world to throw at advertising, PR and so on!

So we believe, its good to support and help each other. And you always find something unique, and quirky with local, independents.

Let us introduce Cake Cetera – run by our friend, Polly

Polly Cake Cetera
Polly Cake Cetera

Polly was was inspired to set up the business after losing her mum to cancer. While her mum was in hospital she was shocked to find that flowers were banned from the wards. She found that most people brought in cake instead and so Cake-Cetera was born in late 2011.

Originally making and delivering cakes from home in Glasgow, ย Cake Cetera has now grown into fancy premises and delighted to now have an amazing team of staff who love cake just as much as Polly does. We can personally vouch for just how yummy these cakes are!!

Polly’s background was in clothing design and and her roles involved designing clothing, backpacks and accessories from design to manufacture for high street retailers.

Her goal is to be the Interflora of Cake by growing her products and brand nationally.

Baby Shower?
Baby Shower?
New Baby?
New Baby?

She said: “It has been really hard work.

“At the start I was working on Friday and Saturday nights baking cakes to keep up with orders.

“It is very difficult to switch off at 5pm if you are working for yourself.

“I would say it took about a year before I was making money like the salary I had before.”

But Pauline has praised the help given to her from organisations including Entrepreneurial Spark, based in the Gorbals in Glasgow.

She uses offices space at the headquarters in Caledonia House and through the programme she has been given helpful advice from other successful entrepreneurs.

Pauline now has a member of staff who helps with the baking, which is done from a unit in Hamilton, allowing her to concentrate more on the business side of the company.

Cake Cetera is now preparing to launch cake bouquets nationally and Pauline is in talks with specialist couriers.

Check out her website here

She also has a variety of yummy recipes on her blog


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