Exclusive interview with Rosie Bonnar, Bill & Mar Designer

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rosie, designer of Bill Mar Clothing

Bill†Mar is there to have fun with, for those who want to take risks and feel unique.

Bill & Mar is all about positive attitude and risktaking. With an inspiring mix of textures and prints as well as a good eye for details Rosie Bonnar creates wearable garments to have fun in

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Rosie Bonnar, Bill&Mar designer
Rosie Bonnar, Bill&Mar designer

So Rosie, When did you get into fashion?

“I studied fashion at university as I had always been interested in it but was never able to study textiles or anything similar at school. I then did a year in industry in Sydney for a designer called Nikita Sernak her label was called Nookie. It was a great learning process and is what really inspired me to start my own line.”

Could you describe the role that you play in the company?

“I am designer and director of the company. I do everything from design, online marketing and managing production. Its good to star off small and learn everything yourself. I have just taken on a lovely girl called Amy who helps out with all the online stuff which has proven to be really beneficial. Its also really nice to have someone in the studio.”

Where does most of you inspiration come from?

“I get my inspiration from everything thats around me. Anything can influence you, you just have to be looking…I love surface texture and that has played a big role in my prints and using contrasting fabrics to make this texture come alive on garments.”

Who are the people that inspire you the most?

“I really love designers such as Rick Owens and Josh Goot. The people that really inspire me are those hard workers who achieve wonderful things completely off their own back. It amazes me what people are capable of and how strong and focused those people are.”

Top memorable moments or turning points in your line Bill Mar?

“Despite the name it is really just me! I named the label after my Grandparents Bill and Marian. My most memorable moment over the past year is probably getting onto ASOS Marketplace and on the same day being accepted into my first two stockists in London. That was a year ago and was a great start!”

Jessie J wearing Bill & Mar
Jessie J wearing Bill & Mar

What are your favourite pieces from each collection?

“My favorite piece is the electric floral cropped shirt, I really like the unique shape of it and the print is so bright and striking for summer.The AW12 collection is a step up I think. It is more sophisticated and the fabrications are of a better qualityMy favorite piece is probably the jersey layered maxi or grey layered shirt. Subtle but effective details.”

Describe your personal style?

“I dress quite casually unless Im going out. I like to wear simple yet chic outfits that have one piece thats really unique and makes the outfit different but not too loud”

Where do you see your brand in the future?

“I really want to be able to carry on printing my own fabrics. It really makes the label unique and gives it its own signature. When I have a little more experience under my belt I would love to do a small mens wear range and the do swim wear. Swim wear is my own personal weakness and I would love to do a small collection of bikinis and beach wear.”


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