Designer Interview with 4ItGirls

So this week we got to interview Holly from 4itGirls. We have known these girls for a few years – we 1st met at Katie Prices’ house, in 2010

Last year we had the opportunity to stock their fabulous brand & thought it would be an ideal time to ask the girls a few questions & share the answers with you!


Once upon a time…

There were three young ItGirls, Anna, Alexis and Holly who loved to spend their time shopping and having fun. When they left school they were sitting in their favourite coffee shop having a rest from a hard day’s shopping and wondering what to do with their lives.

ItGirl Anna told the other two girls, “I had a wonderful dream last night that I went to a shop that was pink, girly, and sparkly. Everything was affordable and there were diamonds everywhere that shone like the stars… It was a magical place designed with love for all It Girls across the world. All the cute and glamorous girls would shop there and pick up all their gorgeous lounge wear items without the expensive price tags.”

But surely such a place does not exist!” exclaimed ItGirl Holly.

I know,” replied Anna sadly “but wouldn’t it be great if it did.” Alexis suggested, “Why don’t we start a brand? A cool fun lounge wear brand for cosy nights in, travelling, walking the dogs or getting ready for a night out with the girls.

Holly said “yes we can provide mix and match tracksuits and hoodies that not only look good but are comfy and beautifully made.”

And so it was, over two cappuccinos and a skinny latte the idea for 4itgirls was born. The name speaks for itself, for all itgirls!

After two years of travelling the globe looking for the finest samples of hoodies and tracksuits the girls decided that they had enough designs to start their own brand. It was such a popular website that the word quickly spread, as girls told their friends and they told theirs, soon 4itgirls became a hoodie phenomenon.

So like in all fairy tales the dream did come true and 4itgirls was born

Our Q+A Session with Holly >>

When did you get into fashion?

“When i was 21 and started my own Boutique in Bournemouth”

Could you describe the role that you play in the company?


Where does most of you inspiration come from?

“Victoria Secrets PINK” – one of our favourite brands too!

Who are the people that inspire you the most?

Successful women like Jacqueline Gold, Michelle Mone (Scottish designer of Ultimo)

Top memorable moments together or turning points in your line?

Memorable moment was seeing Katie Price wear our hoodies on Itv 2 and the girls from dancing on ice wearing them on Itv 1.

Katie Price in 4itGirls
Katie Price in 4itGirls
What are your favourite pieces from each collection?

The grey number tracksuit.

4 Ir Girls, Tracksuit
4 Ir Girls, Tracksuit
Danielle Lloyd in 4ItGirls Tracksuit
Danielle Lloyd in 4ItGirls Tracksuit
Describe your personal style?

“Classic and simple. It never goes out of fashion.”

Where do you see your brand in the future?

“Hopefully as a concession in major department stores.”


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