Audrey Kitching – Exclusive Interview

Audrey Kitching
Audrey Kitching


Audrey Lynn Kitching (born July 26 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American blogger, model, and fashion designer. She was discovered at the age of 14. “Known for her pink hair and Lisa Frank vibe”, Kitching has been declared simultaneously a “fashion forward female” and “fashion disaster” by Cosmopolitan, an “It Kid” and “princess of pop culture website Buzznet” by Nylon, “weekend role model” by Glamour, a fashion icon by Taiwanese magazine Part Time , and a social media queen by Greek magazine Soul.

She has created two clothing lines: Audrey Kitching Los Angeles Tokyolux and Coco de Coeur.

Spoiled Brat have been stocking Tokyolux and Coco De Coeur for the past 2 months. We instantly fell in love with the quirky prints and slogans. And we wanted to know more about Audrey – the designer and brain child of these 2 brands – so we sent her some quick fire questions and thought we would share it with you guys. So here we go – enjoy!

When did you get into fashion?

 “Ever since I was a kid I was dressing myself in mickey mouse jumpers, purple leopard velvet jumpsuits and red electric stirrup pants… I have memories of my mom making me go back upstairs and change before school at the age of 4 or 5 ha!”

Could you describe the role that you play in the company?

“Im the main designer and creative mind behind the clothing lines Coco De Coeur and Audrey Kitching Los Angeles formally known as Tokyolux. I come up with all clothing designs and styles ad well as photo shoots and art direction concepts!”

Where does most of you inspiration come from?

“Im honestly inspired by everything and anything, so strange to me how people get uninspired. A song, tumblr, movie, cafe, street style, book, old hollywood… everything I see and do on daily basis is always inspiring me!”

Who are the people that inspire you the most?

“So hard to say as im a changing chameleon myself! This week im loving Marina And The Diamonds, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Erin Watson, Blake lively and the Olsen Twins”

Marina and the Diamonds - Audrey is a massive fan
Marina and the Diamonds – Audrey is a massive fan

Top memorable moments together or turning points in your line Tokyolux + Coco De Coeur?

“When Hayley Willims for Coco De Coeur on cover editorial of Cosmo magazine and to the Grammy’s red carpet, for Audrey Kitching Los Angeles ( Toyolux ) opening our show rooms in Japan and seeing all my rainbow kitty’s on famous Japanese models and in all the fashion magazines over there!”

What are your favourite pieces from each collection?

“Right now im loving the new bad kitty foil crop tops from Audrey Kicthing Los Angeles and for Coco De Coeur the vintage flannels and Wasted Youth flip up hats!”

Audrey wearing her Coco De Coeur American Bow Crop
Audrey wearing her Coco De Coeur American Bow Crop

Describe your personal style?

“Im a big old mess of vintage hollywood barbie meets gypsy modern futuristic hippie skater badass fembot. Does any of this even make sense?”

Where do you see your brand in the future

“Hopefully bigger and better, im always striving to evolve and keep growing. Each collection we add new pieces, cuts and styles. Hopefully in few years we can do some fashion week show cases and take over the more mainstream market!”

Thankyou to Audrey for taking the time to answer our questions – we hope you all enjoyed reading this.


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