Guest Blog – Mademoiselle Robot features Mod Dolly Tartan Pinafore


This weeks’ guest blogger, was the gorgeous French Blogger, Laëtitia Wajnapel

She picked out our fab Mod Dolly tartan pinafore – right on trend for this AW season!


“I always say that my wardrobe is composed of three distinct segments: boyish, school girl and witch. This is clearly straight out of the school girl section. I wore this to a coffee morning at Mini’s school thinking I would make an effort and not show up in my torn boyfriend jeans for once. Schoolgirl error (geddit?) as I was greeted by many a “oh you look like you are a student here”. Really I don’t mind, at nearly 35 I am quite happy sometimes to be mistaken for a strange overgrown Year 1 pupil. I imagine I’d be the Queen of Tag and probably the leading lady in the school’s basketball team if they had one.

I’ve never had to wear a uniform when I was in school, we don’t really do it in France, and I am not certain I actually like the idea of sending my own kid to school in a uniform everyday, yet I have this fascination for uniform-like outfits and often end up wearing the very things I moan about. Give me 15 years on a therapist’s couch and perhaps I will find the answer. Until then, I shall be flaunting my tartan pinafores and other pleated skirts.”

How cool are the photos she has done! Love them! Thanks Laëtitia xxx

Mod Dolly Dorothy Navy Tartan Pinafore in the style of Emma Watson £45.00
Mod Dolly Dorothy Navy Tartan Pinafore in the style of Emma Watson



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