Guest Blogger – Fashion Dotty dons Evil Twin at Spoiled Brat




Today we were woken up to the news that fabulous blogger, Fashion DOTTY has featured us on her blog.

We love her take on this Evil Twin, Evil We Are Tank top – love the backdrop of the graffiti walls! and love the denim she has teamed the top with as well as the funky ankle boots!

Sooner than you can say “summer is over” I am in my winter guise; that is, the gothy, grungy, witchy version of myself. My Evil Twin, if you like, or rather just how I looked from the ages of fourteen to nineteen. Because that’s what was cool then. Watching bands and drinking pints, pretending to be able to play guitar at jam night but realistically struggling to move from D major to D minor.

That has all stuck with me, with added appreciation for layers and proportions, and my witchy winter self adores scouring the web for Evil Twin bits and pieces. That’s why I was so glad to find Spoiled Brat; their selection of ET satisfies my rockiest A/W feelings, plus they stock my other bests Minkpink, Wildfox, Waiste and UNIF. A one-stop shop for all of your grungiest winter needs. Plus, I am a complete spoiled brat, stamping my cowboy-boot-clad foot whenever I need to get my way, so could this store be any more perfect for me?

Evil we are, and spoiled we will always be. I can’t wait to wear this tank with woolen plaids when the temperature drops.. but for now I am resolutely sticking to bare legs ’til I can bear it no more.”









Evil Twin Evil Army Evil We Are Tank
Evil Twin Evil Army Evil We Are Tank Β£28


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