Katie Price – SKY Living TV 17th July

We were glued to the telly last night, watching (and cringing) at us, Spoiled Brat on the TV!! Yes little old us – on Miss Katie Price’s show on Sky Living TV

Katie Price – love her or hate her, everyone has an opinion on her. However personally we cannot understand how people can judge someone (espcially the harsh way they do) when they dont actually know this person.

We have met Katie several ocassions, and the truth is – she is lovely. So warm and friendly – so down to earth and easy to talk to.

We were always fans of Katie – she is to be admired for what she has succeeded in her life all through hard work and determination.

We hooked up with her several years ago, through a mutual friend. She liked the clothing we had on sale – similar tastes – and so it began. She became hooked on our clothes, just as we became hooked on her style!

We were invited to Katie’s house 2 years ago for a shopping party, and then in April this year Katie decided to bring her camera crew up north, to the Spoiled Brat offices in Glasgow. Katie, Leo and co spent the day with us. Katie spent the day browsing our rails and picking out her new wardrobe.

Katie + Leo – Katie wearing Violent Lip Tattoos 

It was very exciting for us all – especially baby Madison who was 3 weeks old at the time.

Katie + baby Madison

So last night the show aired + drummed it into us that YES it really did happen! We didnt just dream it!

Here is some pics from the show (some screen grabs) and links to the clothing Katie was seen wearing (as we have been inundated with emails and tweets about them)

We would just like to thank Katie for all her support with our business. She has gone out of her way for us, and hasnt needed to – its something that we all really appreciate + none of us would hear a bad word said about Katie. People will criticise as they always do – however Katie is helping us massively, we are a small family run company – and retail is a tough business – she wasnt asked to support us, and doesnt need to. She may get the odd freebie now and then – however its not like she cant afford to go any buy things on her own – so thats not what she is after (as some nice people have told us on twitter)

We are of the opinion – if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all. Dont hate someone you dont know, have never met or no nothing about. Its not healthy. The media make out she is this monster – however they have to have a story in order to sell their mags and papers! So dont be naive and be lead by what is printed – give the girl a break – she hasnt done anything wrong – and anyway who is perfect?!


Katie wearing PJ Salvage French Maid

Katie in Lauren Moshi Lips Pants + Sauce Heart Top 

Lauren Moshi Lacy Lips Pants – Back on pre order due to demand 
Sauce Love Me Tank Top 

Katie wearing Rebel Yell Tee, Lauren Moshi hoodie + Sleep Rollers

Rebel Yell This is my Party Shirt 

Sleep in Rollers 

Katie in Sauce Cosmic Maxi Skirt
Sauce Cosmic Maxi Skirt 

You can also check out other items worn by Katie here 

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