>Exclusive Interview with Dominique Moore


Exclusive Interview with Dominique Moore the girl behind Anita Moore Designs.

Dominique Moore is a British actress best known for her roles in CBBC shows and her regular theatre roles in the west end. She was also a Model in Paris and it was after her experiences in this industry that she moved on to fashion design and started her own label Anita Moore Designs.

· When did you get into fashion?
Ive always customised my clothes growing up and regularly heard “where are you going in that?” from my mum.
I never wanted to be wearing the same thing as anyone else so would always add a HUGE bow or chop something up, sometimes I did just look a bit silly.

· Could you describe the role that you play in the company?
I’m kind of like a one man band, so I do everything myself but i do have an amazing group of friends and family who are always there to help. My mum has a soft furnishings company and is a wizz on the sewing machine so before a big fashion show we will both be up all night working away. Quite often before a big show/ exhibition there will be a whole group of people helping: glueing  diamantés, packaging, sticking labels all sorts and we will have good music playing and lots of sweets.

· Where does most of you inspiration come from?
I’m inspired by everything. People, things i see, colours! My friend is in a show at the moment called Fela! at the National Theatre. I loved it so much i saw it twice. It was bursting with energy and vibrant colours. The music was so fun and full of hope and has inspired the performance for our next fashion show at the “Move It” Exhibition March 10-13th Olympia London. http://www.moveitdance.co.uk/

· Who are the people that inspire you the most?
Sometimes putting my headphones in and listening to an amazing singer can really brighten my day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessie J as everyone I’m sure does because her voice is SO beautiful and seems effortless. She is ridiculously talented and such a positive upbeat person. I saw her perform live and it was refreshing that she was so normal and spoke to the audience as if she knew us all. I admire that she doesn’t try to fit the mould and is successful for being herself which is everything that i stand for! BE YOU AS ONLY YOU CAN! So i love what she stands for and if she wore something from my line id cry tears of joy haha. I also admire Nicki Minaj, her fashion style and music. i think its great to see strong women with their own personal styles just being themselves with confidence and not feeling the need to conform.

· Top memorable moments together or turning points in your line Anita Moore Designs?
I remember walking into a newsagents and seeing Katie Price on the front cover of OK! magazine wearing one of my designs! i just wanted to jump up and down and scream “look” but there was no one to tell so I excitedly told the shop owner who thought i was a little mad. i brought a few copies and skipped home. there was a whole spread inside where she wore lots of different outfits from that collection. I got to meet her and her mum after that they were lovely and i got to say a massive thank you.
Ive managed to be a bit cheeky and the costume designers on a lot of my TV shows have brought the designs and so they have been seen on all different TV shows which is really cool.
I think one of the best birthday presents I had from Anita Moore Designs was being on the front cover of The Observer newspaper with Tess Daley where I’m wearing one of my designs. It was the day before or after my birthday and I wasn’t expecting to be on the front cover at all. It was a great piece inside about positive female role models and the photo shoot was soo fun!

· What are your favourite pieces from your new collection?
The new collection is Dance inspired. I went to Sylvia Young Theatre School up until 16 so dancing was a part of everyday school and we are launching brand new designs at Move It/ Perform 2011 March 10-13th Olympia London. The Red Paint hoodie is deffo one of my favourites i wear mine all the time and we have it in yellow and blue now! its unisex so you can share it with your boyfriend, wear it baggy for the hip hop look or a tighter size. i try to design things that allow the person wearing it to wear it in a way that only they can. i want to encourage people to create their own style.

· Describe your personal style?
I don’t know if you can define it I’m very spontaneous and will chose my outfit depending on the mood I’m in, but never the weather. often I’m freezing or wearing inappropriate heels but as long as I’m on my way inside somewhere warm its fine. i like to mix and match things that you wouldn’t normally put together and I’m still the teenager chopping and customizing so that I’m not seen wearing the same as anyone else. most of the time ill make something for myself and then end up adding it to the clothing line because people want their own one. A lot has gone missing from my wardrobe haha.

· Where do you see your brand in the future?
In the next few years i would love to have the designs exclusive to Spoiledbrat, our website and a US store. and also to see cool people wearing the designs. I know i will still be doing everything, i couldn’t not but hopefully we will expand to jewellery, accessories and things for your feet.
As all of the designs feature Braille on the left sleeve id love to have an annual event/ fashion show where i can work closer with visually impaired charities to raise as much money for them as possible.


4 thoughts on “>Exclusive Interview with Dominique Moore

  1. >I love Anita Moore Designs! 🙂 I think it's great that you want to start doing more stuff with Visually Impaired people, and it's nice that as well as being a clothing line you also have a positive message.I love Jessie J too and I hope that she does wear some of the AMD clothes!! Get on the phone to her stylists!! 🙂


  2. >Love the way she is just open to anything and uses that great imagination of hers.I know she will go far with her company. I am always wearing my t shirt which says I cn be anything I want.


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