Muscle Man Tom walks out the house…..

Oh no another housemate has walked, and its another of the newbiees too!!!

After a long chat in the diary room, Tom stunned the Big Brother housemates by telling them he was leaving immediately.
As he prepared to leave, Noirin said: “I thought you were stronger than that.”
Tom replied: “We’re all wired up differently.”
Siavash tried to persuade Tom to stay, telling him he could change his mind at any time.
Tom said he had no desire to stay.
“I knew I was going to go two days ago,” he said. AFTER telling the housemates he was leaving, Tom told Sophie Reade she should steer clear of her BB lover Kris Donnelly.
“I think you’d be better off on your own,” he said to her as he packed his bags.
Sophie asked him what he meant.
He said: “When you asked me the other night, I said draw your own conclusions.
“You know, really, you’re not stupid.”
And he continued: “You never know in here what people’s little plans are — that they’re trying to get out of a situation.”


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