The Katie Price interview – what did you think?!

4.5 million tune in for Katie Price interview

Katie Price has blamed Peter Andre for their marriage collapse in an explosive TV interview.

The model, 31, broke down in tears in front of Piers Morgan as she made the astonishing attack on the heartbroken singer.

In the interview Katie hits out at Pete for walking out on their three-year marriage.

Her claims have already led to a furious bust-up between the warring couple with Peter’s incensed lawyers apparently ready to take action.

A TV source said: “Katie is fed-up with the public backlash against her.

“Unfortunately though, her version of events is rather different to Pete’s.”

We all knew it was going to be explosive and controversial, but there were still elements of Katie Price’s interview with Piers Morgan that we weren’t expecting. The model initially came across as quite hard, but was happy to acknowledge this, telling Piers she knew what people at home would be thinking about her. Talking about the split from husband Peter Andre, Katie confessed she hadn’t cried yet, and that even her closest friends found that “disturbing”.

She seemed to us as if she was, in actual fact, hurting a lot, and at times we even felt uncomfortable watching her. We felt really sorry for her. She is a 31 year old woman, and having a night out now and then doesnt make you a bad person. People really do need to stop being judgemental as the reality of the situation is unknown to us all and no one really knows how they would be in this situation. The only difference with us normal people, is we are not in the public eye! Pete has come out of this smelling rosy, but after the interview last night, we hope people realise that there is always 2 sides to every story. However at the end of the day, who judge. These are 2 people who have clearly fallen out of love. There are kids involved, so just leave it at that. Did YOU watch the interview? We want to know what you thought. Tell us below…


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