Katy Perry @ T In The Park

Pretty Katy Perry has it made in the shades as she rocks out at music fest in Scotland!

Welcome to bonnie Scotland Katy!

POP queen Katy Perry got fruity in front of 85,000 screaming T in the Park fans yesterday.

The kooky star lugged a huge inflatable strawberry around the stage during her spectacular set at the Balado festival.

Wearing a sexy tartan skirt, Katy enjoyed a wild welcome in the glorious Perthshire sunshine. But she only chose her outfit minutes before going on stage after the Sunday Mail helped out with a costume dilemma and told her to wear the plaid.

She had told us: “I don’t know if I should wear a kilt or not – is it too cheesy?

“I have it with me but I am not sure. And if I do, should I wear underwear? What’s going to happen if I put my foot up on the monitor?” After being persuaded to get her kilt on, she admitted loving her trip to Scotland.

Katy said: “I’m loving it here but I kind of can’t believe that I’m here, hanging out with all the cool rock guys.

“It’s like the nerdy kid from school accidentally ending up getting invited to the cool kids’ party. But it’s great, though. Here in Europe, you guys do festivals better than anyone else in the world.

“It’s a real rite of passage thing – it hasn’t gone that far in the States.

“It is getting there, we are trying but we don’t have the same sense of culture around it all that you guys do.

“I love festivals here and I am loving Scotland.”


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