Katie Price breaks down in Piers Morgan interview

Katie Price broke down in tears in public for the first time as she revealed intimate details about her split with Peter Andre.
The under-fire model sobbed as she gave a tell-all interview to Piers Morgan about the couple’s split in a bid to combat the backlash against her partying ways.

The interview, set to be aired on ITV1 on Saturday, sees the model crying about their rocky romance and what the future holds. Exploding with rage, Price reportedly blames Andre for their break-up, ranting:

‘It was all down to Pete, he wanted this, not me. He’s not as innocent as he’s been making out.’

Price reportedly became so emotional during the 45-minute chat that the interview had to be extended.

Last week Price issued a warning to her ex, saying: ‘I’m going to tell him everything.’

She said: ‘It’s about time I put my point across. There will be some home truths, Pete is not as innocent as he’s making out.’

After the interview Morgan, 44, revealed: ‘This is already the most controversial interview of my TV career and I haven’t even done it yet.’

‘I predict massive ratings because everyone wants to hear what Kate has to say about her break-up.’

A friend of the model said: ‘Katie is fed up with the public backlash against her.

‘Unfortunately though, her version of events is rather different to Pete’s.’

But insiders within Andre’s legal camp say they’ll be watching closely for any lies.

‘If there is so much as one lie it will be exposed quickly and give Pete more ammunition in his divorce battle’, said the insider.

The star, 31, was filmed at her £3million Surrey home. The interview will be aired on ITV1 at 9pm on Saturday.


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