Big Brother 2009 : The Latest!!

OMG we have just hear that BIG Brother seven star Nikki Grahame is to return to Big Bro, as part of its birthday celebrations. Bosses will be hoping the shake-up will help improve the show’s falling ratings. A past housemate will be going in every day next week, as part of tasks! Very exciting!

And another OMG – Freddie has had a makeover! He has lost his hair!!! After allowing Kris and Siavash to give him a once over, Freddie made quite an impression on Sophie and Noirin who found it impossible to believe that this posh boy could actually pull off a trendy look.

First of all was Freddie’s hair, which was shaved off to a number one cut, but after the chop, Kris decided to keep going, and give him a complete makeover, which almost involved him piercing his ear until Big Brother prohibited him from doing so.

So, instead Kris dressed him up in skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and aviator sunglasses, to which Noirin exclaimed; “You look really good, you should get a new stylist when you go out. You’re a good-looking guy.”

Sophie agreed, and said of the impending eviction: “Freddie’s not going to go on Friday now, for definite.”

Seemingly there are 4 NEW housemates entering the house!! The new housemates will enter the house on Friday July 17 and may cause jealousy and drama in the house. Five contestants face eviction this week with bookies favourite to go being Kris. We want Marcus out!!! The Daily Star quotes a source who believes a new guy in the house could attract the affections of housemate Sophie. They said, β€˜If Kris goes, that leaves Sophie on her own and if a hunky new man comes along we could have a new romance.’

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