Jordan V. Peter the latest!!!

JORDAN has said “bring on the divorce” after rumours about her estranged husband Peter Andre being in a relationship with Chantelle Houghton surfaced. She said: “I’ve got some news for you – I’ve been told by more than one person that Chantelle Houghton has been seen going into Pete’s house on more than one occasion.

“It seems like her and Peter could be in a relationship and if they are, I’m really pleased for them – I think she’s a good-looking girl, she seems nice and I hope they’re happy, just as long as he’s with someone who is nice to our kids.

“Good luck to them.”

In Pete’s new! column today he sang Chantelle’s praises, saying she was looking great at the moment.

But yesterday he insisted on his Twitter page there was “1000 million per cent” nothing going on between them and they are just friends. Meanwhile 31-year-old Katie also spoke about meeting up with Aussie singer Peter for the first time since their split was announced in May, on their daughter Princess Tiaamii’s second birthday last week.

She denied there had been a confrontation between them on the day, adding in OK!: “I didn’t argue with him, it was misrepresented. I wanted it to be quiet and civilised.”

But the mum-of-three admitted she did row with Pete, 36, while she was on a wild party-filled week in Ibiza last month – which prompted her to lash out at him on Twitter and call him an obscene word.

Katie said: “I don’t want to go into what happened or what was said, but I’m sure you can tell it really wound me up!

“I’ve had a cross tattooed over the tattoo I got of his name.

“I won’t get his name removed because he was part of my life but I just want to get on with the divorce now.”

Pete meanwhile has vowed to remain celibate until his divorce from Jordan is finalised.

The singer wants to do the “honourable thing” by Katie, despite being swamped with advances from a string of stunners since his split!

We dont think this is the last we will hear on this saga, Katie is due to give her tell all interview with Piers Morgan this Saturday (cannot wait) on ITV…. then 4 days after Pete is going on This Morning and there are rumours now that he has been offered ££ to do a tell all book about his realationship with Katie, which will double up as a guide for couples with problems!

Another story just to come our is Dane Bowers… remember him?! Katie’s ex! Just annouched that he “still loves Katie” Dane Bowers has said that he will always love his former girlfriend Katie Price.

The ex-Another Level singer was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving near Price’s home in May, weeks after she had split from husband Peter Andre.

Bowers said: “I can’t explain how weird it felt to see Kate again and to realise I still care deeply for her. I discovered a part of me still loves her and probably always will.

“When we came face to face again we had a hug and then spent two hours talking about everything we went through. Too much has happened for us to ever get together again but that night we were both asking, ‘What if?'”

He added: “I think we understand each other better than anyone else. But it totally freaked me out because I used to hate Kate – I mean really loathe her.

“Until a few weeks ago I would have told you she was a total bitch, a complete a***hole. But when I read about her split and saw the hammering she was getting in the press I felt a strange stirring of sympathy.

“It’s like she’s the Devil and he’s St Peter. I don’t hate her any more and I think she’s had a tough rap. I think she should be sticking up for herself more. She’s always been a strong girl and she can do this.”

This situation gets more messy by the minute! And we are sure its going to get far worse before it gets better. Who needs soap operas eh?!

We did kind of doubt the whole “split” thinking that it was more a publicity stunt, but now it really does seem real. Even Katie’s bridesmaid; Sarah Harding has said that she is saddened by the split & doesnt see any hope for them getting back together. Sarah Harding has confessed she doesn’t think Katie Price and Peter Andre’s marriage can be saved.

The Girls Aloud singer was a bridesmaid at the couple’s wedding and has told the Daily Mirror that she hoped they could work through their split, but now feels it isn’t possible.

Sarah, 27, told the newspaper: “It’s so sad – I really hoped it wasn’t permanent and wanted to get them back together, they have both been good friends to me in the past.”

She added: “I had a really hard time when I split up with Mikey Green and I’ll never forget everything they did for me. Whenever I was feeling low they’d invite me around to stay in their house to have a break from it all.

“Pete would put the kettle on and Katie would order in some Chinese and we’d chat all night.

“They have both been good friends to me so I’m not going to be drawn into the Team Katie or Team Pete thing.

“Whatever happened was between them. I’ve been in touch with them and said I’m here for both of them. But it doesn’t look like they will get back together now, which is a shame.”

Sarah revealed she recently met up with Katie in Ibiza.

She said: “Some people said it was strange that I didn’t go out with Katie in Ibiza. But it wasn’t like that. We were in touch on the phone and met up in private.

“We talked about how she was feeling. I just wanted to make sure she was OK. It’s not nice when something like this happens.”

Its sad really, especially when there is kids involved.


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