Pete’s Ring Is Back On… WTF?!

He’s been through one messy split.
But now Peter Andre has been snapped wearing his wedding ring.Peter Andre Pete was papped in London with his bling band on display.
So does this public display of diamonds mean the star is ready for a reconciliation with his estranged wife Jordan?
He could be simply covering his tattoo of Jordan’s real name Katie, which is currently residing on his wedding finger.
Although surely if that’s the case he could choose another rock from his ice collection to do the job?
As Peter seems to have been the one pushing for a break-up it seems strange he’s still dedicated to brandishing such a big marriage symbol.
Let’s hope it’s a good sign.
Despite the symbolic diamond on his digit, Pete denied an impending reconciliation today when he was interviewed on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 show. When Moylesy asked if the estranged couple would ever get back together, Pete replied: “No. No, what’s done is done.
“Let’s not forget that there are far bigger problems in the world. But when you are in your own situation it feels like the biggest problem in the world.
“I’m just going through the acceptance bit now.”
He also said that his kids were the most important thing in his life, and that he hoped one day he and Jordan could be friends.
The move comes as Jordan has confirmed she will give a TV interview to Piers Morgan later this month. Why would Pete wear the ring?! We cant figure this one out for one minute. Wearing it, surley he knows that there will be a reaction to it?! He must be getting more press attention than usual at the moment with the split, and surley he must be aware that wearing the ring would get noticed – so he is clearly doing it for a reason – what do you think?


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