Kerry Katona ‘traumatised over weight gain’

Kerry Katona is so distraught by her weight gain that she cannot bear to look in the mirror, it has been claimed.

The reality TV star has reportedly shot up from a size 8 to 16 in recent months after reverting back to an unhealthy lifestyle following liposuction surgery.

Last summer Kerry, 28, dropped several dress sizes after undergoing Β£15,000 of liposuction and slimmed down further with the help of her personal trainer Scott Wright, who played mechanic Sam Kingston in Coronation Street.

But the yo-yo dieter was hurt when Croft called her ‘too skinny’ after she shed 4st with the op and is now struggling with her eating regime again.
A friend told Closer: ‘The other night she ordered two curries for herself and she polished off the rice and poppadoms, washing it all down with regular Coke and beer.’ And its also rumoured that Mark likes to feed Kerry in order to keep her self esteem low.
Katona has now been spotted on a mountain bike ride with husband Mark Croft after vowing to get back in shape. However, it is believed that she is refusing to give up her cigarette habit as part of the plan.
A source told the News Of The World: “She ballooned back to her old size. And now she can’t look in the mirror, she finds it traumatising. “Mark pledged to help her and these rides are the first step of her new regime – she can’t give up fags though, it’s a problem. But Kerry is going to curb her eating and start living healthily again.”
Recent reports have also suggested that Katona will soon visit a fat camp in an attempt to slim down. Poor Kerry. We cant help thinking that if she would ditch Mark then all her problems would go away……….

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