Katie Price shows Peter Andre what he’s missing as she shoots raunchy calendar in Ibiza

Shooting for her new calendar in June, the glamour model Katie Price made a very public attempt to show estranged husband Peter – and a beach full of tourists – exactly what he was missing.
Onlookers gawped and snapped their cameras as she struck sexy pose after sexy pose on the beach in Ibiza.

Katie looked amazing & bang on trend with the zebra print bikini and red heart shaped sunglasses (available at spoiledbrat)

Heart shaped sunglasses are so cute! Britney famously donned a pair during her rather public meltdown, but that hasn’t stopped Lolita-style heart-shaped sunglasses from being the fashion accessory of the summer. Other celebs to work the trend include Kelly Osbourne, Pixie Geldof and actress Evan Rachel Wood. Of course, the weather is still pretty gloomy and cold with no-one having to worry about shielding their eyes from the sun’s rays just yet, but now that we’ve officially entered British Summertime it is something that we ladies will have to address soon. Heart shaped sunglasses are available in every colour at spoiledbrat.co.uk – there is polka dot ones & stripey ones also! Snap these up & feel the love this summer!!

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