Pete & Chantelle Out on a DATE?! OMG!!!

Hasnt Chantelle been saying of late how she would like to go out with Peter Andre.????… well we can reveal what happened when they attended the same party earlier this week – well rather Peter’s talked about it one Radio one!!!

Chatting to Chris Moyles on his Radio 1 show this morning, Peter laughed off questions about himself and the former Celebrity Big Brother star. “There’s not one little bit in my head that could think about anyone else, to be honest,” he said.

However, he was quick to say, “By the way, she [Chantelle] is a very nice person.” The pair went out for a meal after the party with their agent Claire and others, so they’ve definitely become better acquainted. “There was a group of us!” Pete insisted to Chris. Whenever Pete does feel ready to get a new girlfriend, something tells us there’s going to be a very long and very willing queue. Chantelle is looking amazing these days after her makeover & Pete isnt looking too bad himself either…. mmmm lets wait and see what happens next…..


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