Katie is going to spill the beans and we cannot wait!!!

Katie Price has vowed to “set the record straight” about her split from husband Peter Andre in a new televised interview with Piers Morgan.

The model pulled out of an appearance on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross shortly after the break-up was announced in May, but pals say she’s now ready to spill the beans.

The interview, which will be aired on Saturday 11 July on ITV1, (DO NOT MISS IT!!) is expected to be mainly focused on the reasons behind the break-up, with Katie telling pals, “I’m going to tell him everything.” A source from the ITV show said today, “She knows he [Piers] will not give her an easy ride, and this is going to be an explosive interview that is sure to upset Andre. But she feels at the moment that most people are on his side and she wants to set the record straight and say things from her point of view.”

It had previously been reported that the former journalist would reprise his dialogue with Price after she appeared on his Life Stories chatshow earlier this year.

A post on Morgan’s official website confirmed: “This will be the first time either of the couple have officially spoken out about their spilt and Piers will be quizzing Katie on the reasons behind the breakdown of their nuptials.
“After her recent trip to Ibiza which was covered heavily by the media, Katie will definitely be keen to stick up for herself, so make sure you tune in as it is going to be lively!”

Piers was one of the only people who came out in defence of Katie when her break-up was announced. We actually cannot wait to hear what she has to say. Katie is known for speaking her mind and telling things like they are… lets hope this is still the case. OMG its going to be good!! Ding Ding!! Team Price V. Team Andre round 1001


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