Britney had made a LUCKY escape…..

Kevin Federline’s weight has always fluctuated, but this has to be the biggest he’s been in a long while – if not ever.

The former Mr Spears has ballooned at an alarming rate over the past few months, and is now barely recognisable as the lithe backing dancer who won over Britney just a few years ago. Perhaps he’s just in the comfortable stage of his relationship with girlfriend Victoria Prince?

It seems that Kevin Ferderline is in debt of approx $14,371 owing to to the IRS in back taxes!!

We figure he must spend that much per month on food alone!!!! Are we bad?! Nah…. its great to see Britney doing so well & getting her life back on track! Good riddance to bad rubbish Brit – these pics of K-Fed must make her feel great!!! Go Girl!!


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