The latest innovative brand to join Ed Hardy….CRYSTAL ROCK is already in high demand with celebrities and retailers

ABOUT CRYSTAL ROCK Once again the Godfather of Rock & Roll Fashion redefines high-end casual wear as Christian Audigier and his daughter, Crystal, present their new line, CRYSTAL ROCK. The latest innovative brand to join Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, SMET, Chuck Boyd, C Bar A, and Paco Chicano celebrates girls of all ethnicities, cultures, and walks of life.
Crystal Audigier, Christian’s daughter, designed the collection, inspired by her California roots, her international travels, and the sky is the limit way of thinking she inherited from her father. Intended as a reflection of Hollywood individualism, the bold and colorful designs embrace the spirit of youthfulness, while creating a niche for edgy wearable art. Crystal has spent her entire life surrounded by fashion, music, and art. It makes perfect sense for her to be designing her own fashion line. She finds the time to conceive and sketch her collections after school and on weekends. When asked who is her biggest influence, she responds by saying, my father he is my mentor.
100% ORGANIC MATERIAL Every shirt is manufactured on 100% organic fabric. Crystal, as a very environment friendly person, wanted to offer a natural fabric that is pesticide and chemical free.
ORIGINAL ARTWORK & 1000 PIECE LIMITED PRODUCTION Only 1,000 pieces will be produced and numbered in each style, making each style a limited edition item. Every person is unique, and every person deserves unique clothing, which is why the artwork is exclusive to Crystal Rock. The distinctive nature of the design strives to capture a specific mood with its intricate, yet understated detail. Crystal has incorporated her unique style with the use of rhinestones, flocking and foil integrated with feminine characters, the pieces reflect her lifestyle.
THE MESSAGE The message behind the creation is simple; all girls are beautiful regardless of race, creed, or color. CRYSTAL ROCK is already in high demand with celebrities and retailers alike. With its comfort, style, and conceptual significance CRYSTAL ROCK is sure to be the most sought after collectable among strong, confident girls and women everywhere.

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