Paris Hilton was seen shopping in Notting Hill, London wearing a pair of Love From Australia Sheepskin Boots

Paris Hilton seems to be enjoying her time in London and was seen hitting the shops, no surprise there, in Notting Hill. A usually dressed to the nines Paris, was seen in more casual attire while shopping in the British Autumn weather, a far cry from the sunny hills of Hollywood.
She wore a cute sweater reading ‘Royal Highness,’ now we know she’s heiress to the Hilton fortune, but royalty she is not. Perhaps the fact that she can be a bit of a Princess has got her to thinking she may one day be Queen, even though she makes her own rules, the only Queen she’s likely to be is of shopping.
Her sweater was teamed with a stylish sequined hat, perfect for the British weather, and not forgetting the unnecessary over-sized sun glasses that are ideal when it’ s dark by 6pm! The rest of her outfit was rather more sensible, teaming simple black skinny jeans with the much sought after Love From Australia Black Sheepskin Boots.
The comfort and practicality provided by LFA sheepskin boots are perfect for a serious shopping session; Paris Hilton obviously anticipated that she was going to be on her feet for a long time, as a quick pop to the shops is not in her vocabulary.
Love From Australia have a huge range of styles and colours and will keep your feet snug and cosy so you can get on with the more important things in life – like deciding what handbag will best compliment your new boots!

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