Fall in love with Whitehorse Couture (whitefox couture)

Fall in love with Whitehorse Couture (whitefox couture)
Whitehorse Couture (wildfox couture) set out to reinvent the tee, and they have passed with flying colors.
Adorable graphics and the most perfect swing fit, will have you wanting one in every style.
Forget those tight, clingy tees of the past and throw on a Whitehorse creation

Some rules are made to be broken. Don’t stay out past midnight. Eat all your veggies. And if you want to ride, don’t ride the Whitehorse Couture.
How could anyone be expected to stay away from the new T-shirts, tanks, and hoodies?
Like your favourite vintage tees — only better — the pieces start with fine knit, slightly aged cotton and get a signature mega cute and comfy cut: fitted up top; long, lean, but loose torso.
Then come the graphics — and lots of them. Wolves, dream catchers, and other Native American motifs fall in line with retro smiley faces, a flower power daisy, and glossy pink lips, with a few tourist souvenir styles thrown in — like ’70s California, Honolulu seashell bra, and J’Adore Beverly Hills. And then the Whitehorse logo, an ’80s double mustang hip-hop hood ornamentesque image.
Yeah, they’re not horsing around.
So many celebs have all picked up on this amazing brand, Lindsey Lohan, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Eva Mendez, Katy Perry & many many more!!!
Whitehorse Couture wants to take us back to a time of love ,innocence and fairy tales.
Their fall 08 collection love +peace= happiness reveals the concept that “…The happy ending is in all of us if we look hard enough”…Consistent with every season.. Whitehorse (wildfox) Couture is now available at SPoiledbrat.co.uk & we are so very excited about it!!

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