Cute Dresses by Mina

Sienna’s got one, Kiera’s got one and even Kimberly Stewart has one, and now you can to………
Mina is proving to be one of Britain’s fastest growing women’s fashion wear brands. Since its conception in 2004, the label has fast acquired a reputation for designing innovative and on trend collections.
Each individual item is designed to a high specification with quality fabrics and at affordable prices. The Mina style is perfect for all aspects of life, from casual work to modern play – right through to sexy evening wear.
The current collection takes some of its inspiration from the sixties and seventies and includes an eclectic mix of vintage style dresses and tops made from the finest chiffon fabrics.
The business currently operates on two levels, Mina Ltd and Ltd.
Mina Ltd is the wholesale side of the business and has over 200 clients across Europe and is also stocked in over 100 independent boutique stores within the UK. It’s also available at selected TOPSHOP stores including the main flagship store on Oxford Street and through
The brand can also regularly been seen participating at the Pure (London), Bread and Butter (Barcelona), Magic (Las Vegas) Trade Show and the consumer fashion exhibition – the Clothes Show Live! operates as an online boutique, targeting the web savvy generation. Its competitive edge and unique fast fashion designs have resulted in products been picked up around the world making it one of the fastest growing fashion brands in the UK.
Mina is aimed at 18-35 year old females and offers a range of dresses, tops, jewellery and accessories. The range has already proved to be very popular with a number of celebrities who have been spotted wearing the brand, including Sienna Miller, Keira Knightly, Kimberley Walsh(from Girls Aloud), Kylie Minogue, Kimberly Stewart and Lucy Liu. It also recently appeared on the cult TV show, Wags Boutique, Living with Kimberly Stewart in Living TV in 2007 and will feature on the most popular UK TV show on BBC2, Mary Queen of Shops in March 2008.

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