The Voom by Joy Han Chic dress is officially on the fashion map

Kim Kardashian wears the Voom by Joy Han Chic Dress
The Voom by Joy Han Chic dress is officially on the fashion map now that it has been worn by a celebrity. Press is necessary in the fashion industry, and no matter how established a designer may be, nothing is better than having a celebrity wear a dress on the red carpet or out on the street. That’s exactly what happened when Kim Kardashian wore the Voom chic dress last Wednesday to the premiere of the Cheetah Girls 3 movie. Kim’s brother is dating Adrienne Bailon, one of the Cheetah Girls, which is why she and her family attended the premiere.

Kim Kardashian was actually photographed shopping or Voom by Joy Han dresses at a boutique in Los Angeles a few weeks before the event. During the shopping trip, she also purchased the Voom Denim Pinstripe Babydoll, which is equally as cute but more professional. But at the moment, it’s the Voom Chic Dress that is the star. The black mini cocktail dress puts a different spin on asymmetry, which is one of the hottest trends of the moment. It has two bows on one shoulder, attaching it to the rest of the dress. The draping across the bust is also an eye catching detail. And the hem of dress hits a few inches above the knee.
The Voom by Joy Han Chic Dress is the perfect flirty and girly little black dress. It’s a part of the Voom by Joy Han Summer collection, along a variety of chic cocktail dresses. However, this chic cocktail dress is one of the only from the Voom summer line that isn’t patterned with florals or paisley print in bright, fun colors. This dress is sure to be a hit at holiday parties coming up later in the year, but be sure to get it before it sells out!


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