Tarina Tarantino Barbie Doll – Limited Edition

This is for all you Tarina Tarantino fans out there!

Barbie Styled By Tarino Tarantino
Tarina Tarantino’s Barbie is both sweet and shocking, but always fascinating.
A combination of hot pink and fresh green makes her eye-catching and intriguing Accessories include a glittery tiara, strings of faux pearls and large gem pendant Ballet ribbon wrapped stilletos top her look off
TARINA TARANTINO was founded in 1995 by Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos. The 1990’s were the height of minimalism in the fashion world. Accessories were almost non existent in the pages of fashion magazines and stores. Tarina’s colorful and inventive designs were a breath of fresh air for customers that were tired of blending into the fashion landscape.
Capturing the nostalgic charm and colorful sparkle of the TARINA TARANTINO world comes Tarina’s first Barbie® Doll. Inspired by “a day in the life” of the designer, this doll seems to step right out of the famous Sparkle Factory where Tarina creates her collections. From her glam tiara and sparkling necklaces to her pink ring, bracelets and Barbie® accented belt, this doll is all about the accessories. The TT Barbie® Doll features the designer’s signature fuchsia hair, which was painstakingly color-matched. The doll also features a beautiful, sweet summery light green dress dusted with tiny glittering crystals. Tarina worked closely with the Barbie® Doll design team at Mattel on every detail including the packaging, which was designed to resemble her flagship Los Angeles boutique.
This limited edition doll is part of Mattel’s “Gold Label” collection and was designed especially for Barbie® by Tarina Tarantino
Spoiledbrat are honoured to have these for sale! However please be aware that these are LIMITED edition – so once they are gone they are gone! Snap these up fast!!

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