Coloured Denim are bang on Trend with the Celebrities

Celeb’s are going Crazy for Denim
This season coloured denim is really becoming even more popular among celebs, even style icon Victoria Beckham stepped out for her weekly shopping spree in a pair of electric-blue Denim of Virtue jeans. They can really brighten up your outfit and look fabulous with other plain garments such as a black top and black pair of shoes.
Audrina Patridge in her sunshine Denim of Virtue Jeans
Ashlee Simpson & Victoria Beckham rock their blue Denim of Virtue Jeans
Kylie in bright yellow jeans

Victoria Beckham in sunshine Denim of Virtue Jeans
What makes a pair of jeans iconic?
As in worthy of you wanting to wear them day-in, day-out? California-based Denim of Virtue, the latest premium denim company to come out of L.A., is poised to have the answer.
Denim of Virtue has instinctively fused together the fundamental elements of what defines a great jean: modern in silhouette and aesthetic, authentic in craftsmanship, and most importantly a design that enhances figure and fit.
The Denim of Virtue Collection, which debuted in 2006, marks a new direction in denim wear. Using their signature finishing techniques, the styling of a Denim of Virtue Jean has softer contours, not unlike the brushstrokes of Chinese calligraphy. The result produces a subtle zen-like sensibility and features a smoother, more modern curve that caresses the body. Bias-cutting, curvature and stitch detailing add to give it a sexy fit, rounding where necessary, though never too low a waist.

Sienna Miller in 18th Amendment Jeans
Not so keen on the bright colours, then a new trend is the hippy high waisted, flared denim (seen above on Sienna Miller)

Cheryl Cole in 18th Amendment
18th Amendment are one of the brands that are responsible for introducing the new trend for high-waisted jeans. The label was started by Australian denim importer Rachel Rose who named it after the Amercian law banning the sale of alcohol, otherwise known at Prohibition. The collection is inspired by the era that followed when speakeasies, gangsters and flappers came into existence. That glamorous and decandent lifestyle is reflected in these long-legged, high-waisted jeans which are named after movie stars of the past such as Lauren Bacall and Gina Lollobridgida.

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