Bonnie Baby

Bonnie baby : The Birth of new Style
Allow us to introduce you to Bonnie Baby, a refreshing collection of luxury baby knitwear, t-shirts, baby blankets, hats and booties, which caters for newborn babies to two-year-old tots.
Bonnie baby offer a unique collection of designer clothes for the small and stylish!
Bonnie Baby’s trendy baby and toddler ranges include motif baby sweaters, striped cardigans and hoodies, cute playsuits, booties, hats and baby blankets. They make a great newborn gift, 1st birthday present, unique toddler Christmas present or just because you feel like indulging a special little someone.
Bonnie Baby was born in 2005 and has been developing and growing ever since. Their aim is to design and create beautifully designed premium quality baby and toddler clothes in luxury fabrics that are machine washable to make life that little bit easier!
Bonnie Baby’s fresh new approach to designer baby clothes has quickly become the style choice for the “discerning little one” (Junior Magazine), and Bonnie baby has become the label of choice for many celebrities and their children, including Jamie Oliver’s children, Crown prince Christian of Denmark, and Gwyneth Paltrow who has sent us a beautiful note saying: “we fell in love with the quality and softness”.

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