Try something NU this Fall with Nu Collective

From Hollywood to New York to Paris to Milan and Japan these hot hollywood it girls “ARE GLOBE TROTTING IN NU COLLECTIVE’S LATEST FASHION”
Nu Collective embodies the spirit of a collective, creative collaboration, celebrating all that is new. Fresh silhouettes, excellent fit, exciting colors, and interesting details make each style in the Los Angeles based
Nu Collective line, a must have item.
For inspiration, individuality takes center stage, with the customer serving as the muse. Colour always plays a major role, from aggressive brights to soft pastels, and a touch of neutrals to balance each delivery.
The core of the collection is fabricated with various silks in both solids and prints, as well as jersey knits and seasonal fabrics to diversify the selection. Tops are always the main focus, with the dress selection becoming more important on the line each season.
Nu Collective continues to fly off the racks at A-list stores nationwide. At Kitson in Los Angeles, Nu Collective is always in demand by its “Young Hollywood” clientele. Nu Collective continues to grow with distribution, expanding internationally to the most exclusive shops in Tokyo, Dubai, London, Paris, Sydney, and Barcelona.
Moving forward, the look for Fall 2008 is simultaneously wearable and exciting. Silhouettes continue with an emphasis on playing with proportion. Dresses, shifts, and tunics take center stage, with bold prints, and a refreshing color palette to enhance this new trend. As always, items that make the customer feel confident and current are the key focus.
Fall 2008 Nu Collective Collection is available now at
Stars like Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and many many more have already caught the Nu craze……..

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