Get Religious with Testament Clothing

For the religiously fashionable, Testament gives you the most fun and casual pieces to complete your holy wardrobe.

For all of you fashion queens, Testament’s clothing line is a must for your wardrobe. With relgiously, floral print, crochet details and fabulous bright colours, Testament is sure to be your favorite top.
Testament Clothing gives you fun, flirty, casual chic! Britney Spears & Christina Aguleira are HUGE fans!
Testament Apparel, a clothing line consisting of novelty knits and wovens was launched in Spring of 2006 by owner Terry Perlman. The combination of vintage silhouettes and basic bodies makes Testament a truly unique garment that is easy to merchandise and transitions form season to season with ease. What makes Testament truly distinctive among competitive brands is the use of exclusive prints along with a wide palette of shapes and colors.
With over a decade of experience as a clothing manufacturer, Terry recognized a void in the marketplace for beautiful knit tops at affordable prices. So Terry set out to do just that using a classic yet modern approach in developing Testament. For example, when creating the “Marie Antoinette” print for Spring 2008, Terry and her team drew inspiration from vintage European wallpaper dating back to the early 1800’s.
The staple of the line is comfy, feminine tops and dresses offered in about 6-8 colors. Although Testament’s core fabrication is vintage- inspired burn outs, the line also incorporates re-embroidered models, beautiful silk chiffons mixed with hemp, voiles mixed with cottons, and stripes. While tops are the primary focus, dresses are becoming more prevalent through out the line and will continue to evolve with each coming season.
Testament’s target customer has a wide age spectrum, “I have friends whose 16 year old daughters are buying the tops and their mother’s are borrowing them to wear out!” exclaims Terry. With average retail price points ranging from $70-&145 it is no surprise that Testament is highly profitable and keeps buyers coming back for more. Currently, Testament is selling at high profile boutiques and department stores across the USA such as: Ron Herman, Planet Blue, Lisa Kline, Olive and Bette’s, Atrium, Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.
Moving forward to Spring/Summer 2008, the line is transitioning some of the billowy shapes into silhouettes intended to showcase the female figure. Tube tops, shoulder baring dresses and halter tops are just some of the new bodies being introduced. Testament will offer these shapes in a vibrant bouquet of colors such as: lime, coconut, tang, fuchsia, and French blue. For Fall 2008, look forward to a beautiful line of baroque print cashmere sweaters.
Testament was created for many reasons, “The label has a lot of meaning to me and Testament is my will and belief for the future” explains Terry. “Ideally, Testament will be its own charity one day, dedicated to an incredible cause.” Until then a substantial donation will be given to a noble charity each year. Project Angel Food whose mission is to deliver 1,400 freshly cooked meals a day to the doors of men, women and children affected by HIV-AIDS and other serious illnesses was the benefactor this year.
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