Peoples Liberation : The Peoples Army!

You’ll want to join this people’s army once you get a load of these denim uniforms. The back pocket designs are the true star of these sexy jean fits.

People’s Liberation makes everything from the latest fashion pieces to basic tees. Each piece establishes the great feel of the fabric as well as the amazing fit! The denim, twill, and cords are loomed and produced in Los Angeles. Each piece is carefully hand crafted to accent the best part of the body.

People’s Liberation denim was founded in 2004 and continues to be a leader in the highly competitive denim industry. Paying extra attention to detail, offering the most exceptional fit and design, using only the highest quality fabrics and workmanship, People’s Liberation jeans offer premium, contemporary denim for women.
Liberate yourself with People’s Liberation denim. The embroidered star detailing on the back pocket on People’s Liberation women’s denim lets you know you are a star in People’s Liberation jeans.
People’s Liberation denim offers women’s jeans in many different styles and washes for to fit many different body types.
Aside from producing the finest in denim, People’s Liberation is highly active in present-day issues, encouraging everyone to have a voice in their community – both locally and globally. Always fashion forward with comfort in mind, People’s Liberation women’s denim is a favorite of all denim enthusiasts.
People’s Liberation: it’s like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Fresh designs, crafted with exquisite attention to detail and exceptional fabrics specially milled in the U.S., Japan and Italy. Denim and knits that feel as comfortable as your own skin, as intimate as a lover’s touch. You wear it when you’re ready to seduce, strut your stuff, start a revolution. Or simply just be yourself.
Each pair of People’s Liberation jeans fits as though made for your body, and your body alone. Try them on, and you may never want to take them off again. More than an incredible pair of jeans.
“People’s Liberation is a lifestyle. A freeing experience.”

Britney Spears has been spotted recently wearing a pair of these jeans, with the amazing star pockets!

People’s Liberation Denim is now available AT Spoiledbrat

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