Melody Ehsani’s Super Fun Jewellery & Shoes

Can you imagine throwing a punch and having someone see “POW” coming at them?! You might as well be a cartoon super hero.
These are part of Melody Ehsani’s super fun collection.
Melody prides her shoe & jewellery collection in being unique with a precision in detail, “All of my heels have some sort of design or feature about them that makes them very unique. I call them the “I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you walk away” heels.” Hauteness.
With an undeniable gift for design and a growing celebrity clientele including: Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and more recently Erykah Badu, it seems like Melody’s “option” is to only go UP from here. She’s well on her way to the top.
Born and raised in Los Angeles in a traditional Persian family, like many of my cousins and friends Melody Ehsani applied to go off to law school after college, but she couldn’t stay there & decided to break with her culture and follow her heart into a field she was internally drawn to…design.
The more Melody designed shoes and products, the more it felt like the right thing for her to be doing. So now she believes that design is part of what she was designed to do.
Melody wants to become her true self and be a vibrant member of a family and a community. She wants the women who wear her shoes to have the same opportunity for equality, wholeness, and self-expression. Melody’s style is inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover. Melody designs to upset the equilibrium. She designs to inspire, to serve and because she was created to do so.
A portion from each pair of Melody Ehsani shoes purchased will go towards the advancement and education of women in our society.
Click here to shop our collection of Melody Ehsani

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