Eccentric Symphony :Britney’s Hoodie in Madonna Video’s Suzanne Bissett talks to an L.A. fashion designer to the stars who made a hoodie that Britney Spears wears in a Madonna video; Eccentric Symphony
Eccentric Symphony is a clothing company inspired by music. Its young company and very unique!
The Newest design out of L.A. : The gap between comfort and fashion
The Eccentric Symphony clothing line was created by rock musician Nikki Lund and professional surfer Maikai Makena. The company was founded in April 2005 with the idea of designing decadent, smooth-against-your- skin cotton for their line of embroidered, embellished t-shirts, pants and hoodies for men and women.
Every item from Eccentric Symphony is made from imported European Pima cotton and undergoes a special silicone enzyme and mineral wash to make it irresistibly wearable. “Maikai and I wanted to bridge the gap between fashion and comfort,” says Lund. “We believe this symphonic fusion of life’s energy and motion is captured in the finest fabrics with specialty dyes and washes using designs that we feel represent the peaceful, beautiful things in life.”
Steven Tyler has the Brando t-shirt and Hero Blues sweatshirt, Richie Sambora owns the embroidered Redwing and the Sugar Cross t-shirt and Ashlee Simpson wears the Fleur de Lis pant and matching top. Nicole Richie, Molly Sims and a list of other stars have discovered Eccentric Symphony’s unique and successful concept.
The collection includes a special edition CD from Lund’s band, Secret Mind, and comes with each item in the collection. “Music is the source for my inspiration and making clothes an outlet for that creativity,” says Lund. “It seems only natural that the music should accompany the clothes.”

Click here to see the Video of Britney Wearing the Eccentric Symphony Hoodie

Celebrity Fans of Eccentric Symphony

  • Ashlee Simpson – Fleur de Lis pant in black, Fleur de Lis top in black
  • Shannon Elizabeth– Fleur de Lis top in rust, Fleur de Lis sweatshirt in olive
  • Nicole Richie– Fleur de Lis top in black and white
  • Debra Messing– Fleur de Lis top in rust
  • Cameron Diaz– Fleur de Lis top in white
  • Eva Longoria– Fleur de Lis top in black and burgundy
AND now Britney in this amazing Hoodie – this will be available at very soon…. stay tuned !!

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