Terry De Havilland

Terry De Havilland’s Stunning new designs using signature style wedges and very high heels.
AW08 brings yet another new wedge, not to be missed!
The Terry de Havilland Story:
A genuine footwear legend, Terry de Havilland has been designing shoes for almost 60 years. Establishing himself as shoe designer to the stars long before celebrity styling was a bona fide career avenue, the 1960s proved the first of many of Havilland’s heydays. Taking over as head of the family business in 1970, the Terry de Havilland brand has gone from strength to strength.

The Collection:
For autumn winter 2008, the Terry de Havilland collection is ultra glamorous with undulating bubble-style wedges in glossy metallic finishes as well as his classic snakeskin designs and beautiful peep toe platforms in a combination of fabrics.
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Terry De Havilland, the King of Glam Shoes. Coveted by stars ever since he opened his first shop in the 1970s and shod the feet of the great and the good. He has worked consistently since then, but the recent relaunch of his brand has reminded everyone of just how great his body of work has been.
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