New Arrivals : Fabulous Footwear

Strutt Couture was conceived in 2003 and quickly became a sought afteand aspirational brand loved by internationally renowned celebrities and the world’s most glamorous women.
Designer, Ian O’Connor set out to create hand-made glamorous footwear, crafted from the most beautiful materials available. He realised there was an increasing demand for luxury and innovative design at a price point which was more accessible to women who aspire to live the Strutt Couture lifestyle.
The first collection was highly acclaimed by the fashion press and buyers, and today Strutt Couture’s footwear is available internationally through both specialist independent boutiques and multiple retailers.
In 2005 the first phase of the evolution of Strutt Couture saw the appointment of Steve Mixides as Sales Director. Steve’s experience in the luxury leather goods market has enabled the brand’s continued expansion into international markets.
The creation of unique and exciting footwear designs that deliver true glamour remains the ethos of Strutt Couture and the driving force behind the company.
Brand Philosophy
“It is not easy to define the Strutt Couture brand and ethos with just simple words. Strutt is a state of mind, a culture of design derived from many different sensations and experiences.”
Ian O’Connor – Designer – Strutt Couture
The Strutt Couture philosophy is to create iconic footwear and accessories that are distinctly ‘Strutt’: captivating designs for the woman who knows herself. The Strutt woman is confident, sexy, glamorous and undoubtedly feminine.
The Strutt Couture brand is a lifestyle choice, enjoyed by fashionistas and style conscious celebrities who demand cutting edge design and uncompromising luxury.
The Mermaid
The flowing mermaid ‘S’ emblem that adorns each heel is unique, definitive and synonymous with the Strutt Couture brand.
It is a conscious statement that sets Strutt Couture shoes apart from all others. The curves of the feminine form are personified by the mermaid; she comes from a submerged world unseen by man, a world in which she reigns supreme. Legend has it that if she leaves this submerged place she will not be able to return and will walk as other women.
Is it fantasy, or just fantastic? Whatever it may be, if the fantasy mermaid were to enter the fantastic world of Strutt Couture, it will have been because she was unable to resist the lure of stunning designs beautifully created in her own image.
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Strutt Couture Designer Shoes & Bags Loved By Celebrities!

Another fabulous collection of shoes by Shoe Missy have arrived.
Shoe Missy are boutique customised high heeled shoes!
ShoeMissy started in 2006 selling Customised Super-Shoes! Shoe Missy provide fun, quirky fashion led shoes with a helping of PinUp charm.
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