Rockstars & Angels

For Rockstars & ANGELS, like a lot of rock bands, the journey started in a garage, in sunny Palm Beach QLD in 2004. Not a band of musicians, but a band of creative talents pulled together with their passion for LIFE, LOVE, FASHION & FUN!!! The founder and creative director Natasha Stone, started designing t-shirts for would be ROCKSTARS & LOVE ANGELS!!! The Rockstars & ANGELS fabrics are given extra treatments to create our unique luxury silken feel & vintage style. Every garment is hand treated and embellished in Australia and the designs move between Glam Rock, Urban, Street & elements of Virgin Vintage. Our legendary Tee’s live on through the people who support & wear Rockstars & ANGELS; the angels, the rockers, the love/fun generation and the silent activists! Celebrities you may have seen Rockstars & Angels clothing on recently: Lindsay Lohan, Annalise Braakensiek, Bob Sinclair, Emily Scott, Miranda Kerr, Bianca Dye, Grant Smilie, Jackie O & Nicole Richie. Rockstars & ANGELS has spread its wings to LA, JAPAN,CANADA & ISREAL. It is available in Australia through the support of out great stores and now the web. For more LOVE & FUN visit our site: and keep checking us out for updates on the Rockstars & ANGELS GLAM ROCK X
Rockstars & Angels is a brand-new label which has been founded with love for fashion and everyone who loves to wear it. The label’s collections are meant to bring luck and impart a feeling of joy in people’s everyday life. By careful selection of cuts and materials all items strengthen the aura and nestle up to the skin like the wings of a personal guardian angel. R&A exclusively uses natural cloths which carry and support the positive vibes of the applied designs. R&A founders Natasha Stone and her business partner Tyler Atkins, darling of the Hollywood stars, joined up with Sascha Gerecht on August 11th 2007 and decided to create and market a new and unique fashion line. As Rockstars & Angels family they are now up to establish the brand as the leading label for stars and starlets worldwide. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan already wear prefabricated items of the upcoming R&A collection which can be found at L.A.’s top shops such as Kitson und H Lorenzo.
German entrepeneur Sascha Gerecht who as successful business man and star dj has found his second home in L.A. calls it destiny which made him come across Natasha Stone and Tyler Atkins. The three of them have all been heavily inspired and guided by the figure 11, and still take it as a symbol for luck and happiness within the R&A family. Straight at the first encounter of Sascha Gerecht and Natasha Stone, their shared spiritual belief and strong love for fashion made it obvious that their bond is special and perfectly suited to conquer the world of fashion with creative, inspired and fascinating products. On May 1st 2008, the first big R&A campaign will be given the green light with the pronounced objective to take the world by storm. The brand-new collection will first be presented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The photo shooting with models of Germany’s Next Topmodel™ took place in Los Angels where also company headquarters, design office and manufacturing sites are situated. This close connection and hot line to the stars of Hollywood will be key to all future collections. As the following big project R&A is currently planning a second collection in September 2008, the profits of which will be taken in its major part for a charitable foundation to improve the lives of poor children and selected endangered species. Doing so, the R&A family would like to emphasize positive energy and embracing love as fundamental part of their business philosophy and to express their firm intention to spread good karma.

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