Philip Plein

Philipp Patrick Plein was born in Munich, Germany. After
graduating College at the boarding school “Schule
Schloss Salem” in the south of Germany he entered law
school at the Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen.
At first, not expecting to undertake a career in the world
of luxury goods, Philipp Patrick Plein soon began to
design luxury items exclusively for his family, friends and

His newly discovered love for design and his already
exciting commitment to quality became the foundation of
the P H I L I P P P L E I N Company.
PHILIPP PLEIN Home Collection has successfully expanded with the years through PHIIPP
PLEIN Garden Collection, PHILIPP PLEIN Light Collection, PHILIPP PLEIN Kitchen
Collection, and PHILIPP PLEIN Accessories Collection.
In 2004 the company took a complete new diversification: PHILIPP PLEIN Fashion Collection
was launched.
A high quality standard in combination with extraordinary design and noble materials fast
received world wide recognition and granted PHILIPP PLEIN access to the most exclusive
fashion boutiques and showrooms of the world.
Lastly, in the year 2006, PHILIPP PLEIN Jewellery Collection was introduced: DIRTY
DIAMONDS the new cool and noble jewellery line. Extraordinary innovative products, such as
the world’s first (patented) Watch tag, are again a proof the PHILIPP PLEIN’S tireless
The Group has always tried to reinvent itself in order to keep its original dynamism.
According to our philosophy the next step seemed natural to propose an elegant and classy
collection, demonstrating the traditional savoir faire that also we master…
For all the luxury fashion devotees we proudly present this summer 2007 the fascinating
People surrounding Mr. Plein know that he always pays the closest attention to every detail
and ensures the absolute perfection of his products.
All the pieces are like works of art and stand for nobility & perfection of traditional
Thanks to both the unique design and the high-end quality of PHILIPP PLEIN manufacturing
have promptly received a world-wide recognition.
Home as well as Fashion Collections are premiered and presented continuously at carefully
chosen international luxury trade fairs.

The Home Collection is presented regularly to buyer, architects and the public on
international fairs like Maison et Objet – Paris, Salone del Mobile – Milano, IMM – Cologne,
Abitare il Tempo – Verona.
The PHILIPP PLEIN Fashion line is presented twice a year at Bread & Butter (Barcelona),
Who is Next (Paris), Coterie (New York), Project (Las Vegas), Premium Berlin. For the new
Couture line and already established Dirty Diamonds collection, the premiere will be at XXB
Luxury Vendome Tradeshow, Paris in September 2007.
The PHLIPP PLEIN Company’s goals are to continue to leverage its strong brand name and
image by expanding its current product offerings and to increase its presence in domestic
and international markets.
An advertising campaign in the international issues of the fashion bible VOGUE has just
started in VOGUE RUSSIA and VOGUE GERMANY, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND. are so excited to announce that they are now stocking this fabulous brand! The collection is to die for & has started to arrive in store now!!

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